I am sure you have heard of Justin.TV by now. This was more like the old JenniCam. I figured the hardware stuff is all done and I would just have a little bit of fun.

Watch my head, watch me blog/type, maybe I'll wave or flip you off. If you want to chat, you can go to the chat page. I may add one of those "chat right there" things, but probably not. Then again, I just added a shoutbox thing but - You can just as easily hit me up on any of those chat accounts or in IRC.

Thanks to, you can now watch all this in pretty much real time. When I'm away for an extended period, I may shoot the webcam out the window or something if I remember. Then again, you may be looking at a picture of my chair/desk.

Remember, this is fun to set up in a hot minute's time. This is not; it's!